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CCG Chicago

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brunch Chicago Dusek's Board and Beer brunch Chicago Dusek's Board and Beer brunch Chicago Dusek's Board and Beer brunch

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Hours to have brunch:

Saturday (9:00am - 3:00pm) & Sunday (9:00am - 3:00pm)




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Description by the editorial board

Feeling like brunching at Longman & Eagle this weekend? Sure, but you don’t want to wait. Easy peasy: let’s go to Dusek’s Board and Beer! Same chef, same food quality, but no wait! Interesting, isn’t it? This restaurant is quite spacious, with a mix of communal tables, regular tables and booths: that’s the occasion to have a long, nice brunch.

The food itself is quite pleasant: “beer and board breakfast” (eggs, bacon or sausage, house potatoes, toast)”, oyster hash (charred cipollinis, pork belly pave, soft boiled hen egg, porter béarnaise), country ham and egg vol au vent (aged Wisconsin cheddar mornay, country ham, hard boiled egg, Werp Farm mixed greens salad), challah French toast (whipped spiced goat cheese, roasted spring onion, oyster mushroom), challah cinnamon roll, cider glazed and toasted pecan, steak and egg Sardou, wood roasted carb and artichoke dip… The cocktails are also a must!

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