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Harlem is located on Manhatten Island in New York City. Families with children enjoy the local attractions while they come for week-end brunch on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Cheap menu options make local buffet food attainable for many locals and visitors. Simply pick your restaurant and enjoy. Historic Park Avenue is a great place for a Sunday stroll, while Museum Mile and the Hamilton Grange National Memorial offer a bit of historical perspective for the children. Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture might make an interesting stop to learn about the original figures in Harlem's history. There is also pub crawls, walking tours, Heritage tours, and culinary tours. Transportation to Harlem from various parts of New York City is available via private shuttle bus, public transportation via bus or subway. There are nice brunch restaurants with children friendly menu items for the whole family located along 114 Street. Try original Southern food and American style buffet items. If you know of a good restaurant for your week-end buffet brunch then you should not hesitate to reserve your seat ahead of time for Saturday or Sunday meal times. Most places in Harlem offer cheap eats for the whole family whether you are arriving on a Saturday or Sunday. During the week the food may be more expensive, but because week-end buffet meals are popular, your restaurant will likely have a discount to make the fare cheap and filling. Ask for original local items or original American fare if you wish to have a hot breakfast to remember.



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