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Tourist attractions and restaurants in the Lower East Side of New York City provide original experiences for your entire family with children friendly buffet options and cheaper rates for public transportation. Enjoy a week-end brunch on a Saturday or Sunday when touring the area. See Chinatown, the New Museum, stop at Manhattan Bridge, go on a walking tour of the area's historical buildings, browse the street markets and have a great time with your family. Children will find many things to keep them occupied and restaurants offer great brunch buffet options on the week-end. Cuisines tend toward Jewish comfort food, American, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, European, Italian, Belgian, and lots of fusions of various cultures to create original menus and recipes worth savouring. You can catch public transportation to the Lower East Side of New York City including the Red Route which is a sightseeing bus. You can also take the M14A and M14D routes, even on a Saturday or Sunday. Living like a real New Yorker is definitely an original experience! Finish your trip to the area with a restaurant brunch buffet where the children can decide for themselves what they'd like on their plate. Week-end menus may be cheaper, and are always family friendly. When you are looking for something interesting to do on a Saturday or Sunday, a tour through the Lower East Side of New York via public transportation followed by a meal together and exploring the area is one way to involve everyone in your visit.



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