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3011 Gulden Ln

TX75212 Dallas


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- /10

Description by the editorial board

Kitchen LTO is a pop restaurant in Dallas. This concept is new and it means that every 3 to 6 months the chef, the decor and the menu change. Currently the chef is Anastacia Quinones, the food is modern authentic Mexican and the décor can be qualified as dark and romantic with a big lighted tree in the center and some vibrant paintings.

In the brunch menu there are currently appetizers with guacamole, street corn, sopes and quesadillas. Then come the ceviche, they can either be green, white or red. Sopas y ensalads follow with for example pork and hominy soup, poblano corn soup or grilled chicken salad. The entrees part is composed of migas, French toast, chicken flautas, sopes, huevos rancheros and chicken enchiladas. Finally the desserts part include street fruit, churros, lemon olive oil tres leches and Mexican chocolate flourless cake.

Kitchen LTO is a very interesting concept with a brunch menu well elaborate.