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954 W Fulton Market

CCG Chicago


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Description by the editorial board

We all love the traditional American brunch. But for once, let's try something else!
La Sirena Clandestina may be in Chicago, but eating there takes you all around the world... For a Latin/Brazilian/Japanese brunch!
Quite surprising, isn't it? We promise that you won't be disappointed!
On the menu: kale salad (roasted poblano dressing, cotija, toasted pepitas, jalapeño), warm heirloom grains (barly, farro, coconut, roasted apple, granola), plantain chilaquiles (fried plantain, salsa verde, fried egg, pickled Fresno peppers), shrimp baiano (coconut tomato broth, chiles, polenta, cakes, scallion), mushroom ragout, potatoes...

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