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1600 Lenox Avenue

MIA3319 Miami Beach


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Description by the editorial board

It is on the 16th street that a shop window of the simplest will propose you a brunch in the multiple formulae. Yardbird Southern Table and Bar indeed welcomes you every weekend to take advantage of a quality brunch.

On the menu, various categories understanding(including) various formulae.
You will choose first of all the hot or fresh drinks accompanying your brunch.
Then the choice of the formula will come. A category "Salads" is proposed to you, just like another category where the chicken will be the main food.
Then the category "Shares" where appear the main dishes of the brunch such as the bacon, the eggs, the pancakes and the other delicious dishes. For the least greedy the category " Small shares" will suit them perfectly.

Finally the category "Odds and ends" group the not classifiable dishes in the other categories but so delicious as the vanilla ice cream, the home-made French fries, the macaronis in cheeses and many other dishes.

You can take advantage besides of the day to stroll in streets surroundings where, in the bend of a street, the maritime landscape will offer itself to you.