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Bel Air in Los Angeles is famous for its beauty, and of course from the large numbers of films and television shows it has featured in. Many of the roads bordering the neighbourhood are famous – it is bounded by the 405 on the west, with Mulholland Drive and Sunset Boulevard taking north and south, and its eastern border provided by Beverly Glen Boulevard. Mulholland and Sunset are both famous roads in their own right, featuring in hundreds of films. It’s also a favourite destination for the brunch crowd, being chock-full of fantastic settings for a Sunday brunch. While not all the options are cheap, and family and children may not enjoy every choice, there is such a wealth of variety in the area that you could have Saturday and Sunday brunch in the area every week-end for a year without repeating yourself. For those with an interest in history, the Hays House offers an insight into local history that really cannot be dismissed. Originally built in the early 18th century, the house was moved and converted into a museum designed to showcase daily life during the Federal Period. The museum hosts a number of events, so those who time their visits just so will find themselves entertained by themed days such as the Ice Cream Social or Grandma’s Apron. Of course the most fun to be had in Bel Air – not counting the night life – is set-hunting. Bel Air has been the location for a large number of films and television shows over the years, and hunting down the places where certain scenes were shot can be an excellent game for a film buff.



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