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Los Angeles is, after New York, the second biggest city of the United States of America. The city is located in the South of California, where it is sunny and hot all the year. At the beginning, Los Angeles was a Spanish city, then it became a Mexican city. Finally, after the Mexican–American War, Los Angeles became an American place, and the State of California was defined.

The most famous neighborhood of Los Angeles is of course Hollywood, with a lot of cinema studios.

The city is an important cultural place, and owes an important number of museums which the most famous are the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Getty Center, the Battleship Iowa, and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

The other areas of Los Angeles are the Harbor area, the airport area, the central one, the Northeast, San Fernando Valley, the South and the Westside.

However this cultural point, Los Angeles is incredible with all its restaurants and places to do shopping, and also all its brunches!

Brunch with relatives or friends is very pleasant in this enormous city.

Because we know that it is difficult to make a choice, we found for you the best places to brunch in Los Angeles. From West Hollywood to Inglewood, on Sunday as during the week, book your brunch on!



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