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Northeast Los Angeles is a hip district inside the city of Los Angeles. While you may wonder what to do during your visit there on a week-end, we recommend a good restaurant buffet brunch with the family on a Saturday or Sunday. Attractions in the area include cheap entertainment, activities for children, and original local vendors. There is the Los Angeles Police Museum, the Southwest Museum of the American Indian, Lummis House, Old Pasadena, Heritage Square, and more. Whether you are going strictly for a restaurant meal or to explore the area, there is a lot of fun waiting in Northeast Los Angeles. Local transportation options include the LA Metro system which is a cheap choice for children and families alike. Saturday or Sunday routes and times may vary but generally the Gold Line, Angelino Heights buses, or the Sunset Boulevard train. No worry about parking when you go for your week-end brunch buffet. Just lots of space to stroll around in and people to watch along with local performers and various community activities. It can be a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach. Local cuisine depends on the restaurant however common brunch buffet themes include Southwestern fare, European, Modern American, Southern Comfort Food, Californian, Vegetarian and other classics as well as original works by local creative chefs. Week-end meals sometimes provide cheaper menus for children. This helps keep them full without breaking the bank when you are going out as a family on a Saturday or a Sunday.



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