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Brentwood, Los Angeles is an upscale district within the city which offers a variety of tasty brunch buffet choices on the week-end. Children's items may be cheaper, and the whole family can sit down together to relax and enjoy their favourite items on a Saturday or Sunday. Restaurants often provide extra goodies on weekends including original menu creations you won't find during the week. The Mexican influences of its past make Brentwood an interesting place to try a restaurant meal. It was once a Mexican land parcel that was sold off gradually and became a part of Los Angeles. Today you can find many attractions such as Sunset Boulevard, boutique shopping, country markets, the Hunt Residence, Getty Center, the Skirball Cultural Center and more. Reserve your week-end brunch buffet at a restaurant in the area and enjoy the multitude of dining options to be had for the whole family. On a Saturday or Sunday, you may find original menu items and cheaper deals for children. French pastries and Italian delicacies along with Southwestern cuisine and American comfort food are among the available choices. To get to Brentwood for your week-end brunch buffet, you need only hop on public transportation bus routes Sunset/Kenter, Sunset/Bundy, Sunset/Carmelina and enjoy cheap fares for everyone in the family. When you arrive for your Saturday or Sunday meal, enjoy walking around and taking in the lush gardens and southwestern architecture. Experiment with your brunch, and above all enjoy the time spent in beautiful Brentwood, Los Angeles.



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