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8029 Agnes St

MI48214 Detroit

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brunch Detroit Detroit Vegan Soul brunch Detroit Detroit Vegan Soul brunch Detroit Detroit Vegan Soul brunch

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Sunday (11:00am - 4:00pm)




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Description by the editorial board

This vegan restaurant located near to Detroit River offers you different delicious meals for lunch. The food is tasty and you can choose among a huge variety of options. Homestyle Breakfast, “Catfish” Tofu & Grits, Tofu Scramble, Sweet Potato Stacks, Classic Oatmeal, Southern Fried Tofu & Waffle, Granola and Fruit Parfait… The food is plant-based and ingredients are organic. Moreover the restaurant doesn’t use hydrogenated oils and the meals are dairy/egg/lactose/cholesterol free. What more could you ask for? The little place is cute (so be careful, it is often crowded) and cozy, and the service great and friendly.
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