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2100 Michigan Ave

MI48216 Detroit

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brunch Detroit Gold Cash Gold brunch Detroit Gold Cash Gold brunch Detroit Gold Cash Gold brunch

Brunch @ Gold Cash Gold - In Brief

Hours to have brunch:

Saturday (10:00am - 3:00pm) & Sunday (10:00am - 3:00pm)




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Description by the editorial board

On weekends you can eat here a delicious brunch in this restaurant located on Michigan Avenue. You will enjoy several cocktails like Pickle Juice Bloody Mary, Star Wars Lunchbox, Brown Bomber Jacket, but also house sodas like Anthology Cold Brew, EliTea Iced Black Tea. If you are hungry, you can taste delicious food: House Granola & Yogurt, Brioche French Toast, House-cured Gravlax, Chicken Salad Sandwich… There is something for everyone! The ambience is cozy and comfortable, the service is great from the hostesses to the bartender. There is also a parking directly behind Mercury Burger Bar. This is a really cool place!

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