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Greenwich Village in Manhatten, New York City has copious amounts of restaurants which feature special week-end brunch and buffet menus for the whole family. Children may eat for cheaper prices, and you can find classic American favourites alongside original culinary dishes. On a Saturday or Sunday in Greenwich Village, you can take in the local festive atmosphere or enjoy one of the many local family friendly walking tours. Greenwich Village is home to the Grey Art Gallery, Washington Square Park and the Arch, the Ground Zero Memorial Museum with children friendly interactive exhibits, or any of the assorted Bohemian shops in the area. Greenwich Village restaurants for week-end brunch like to focus on items for the whole family especially children with special offers and cheaper fares for their smaller stomachs. If you like original American brunch, try disembarking on University Place. The R and N subway lines run just under Broadway, where you can dine on buffet cuisines from around the world. Saturday and Sunday are days when Greenwich Village really comes to life, and your family may enjoy British, Belgian, and other European original food. Bus routes on Saturday and Sunday may vary from the weekday, however, children ride cheaper and there are a plethora of services to get you to your destination. The M20, M5, M6 and others stop in multiple locations around Greenwich. You can hop off at your restaurant and have a nice week-end brunch buffet, then hop back on and see some of the original attractions and new additions to the Greenwich Village district.



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