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Rockefeller Center is located in mid-town Manhattan, New York City. The district is a fun place to visit on the week-end. The Center itself is a vast shopping mall with restaurants galore and family activities. The district contains Radio City Music Hall, tours of the Rockefeller Center along with rides to the Top of the Rock Observation Deck. Children may enjoy seeing the city spread out before them, and menu prices for them are generally cheaper. Original performances from nearby arts venues, speciality stores such as Lego and Nintendo, public tours of an NBC Studio, and lots of places to enjoy a Saturday or Sunday brunch buffet can be found here. There are American original cafe restaurants serving delectable week-end brunch. You can try a new cuisine such as Mediterranean, French, New European and Fusion dishes or a hearty traditional American buffet on a Saturday or Sunday. For children who are picky eaters, a buffet can provide a cheap meal where they get to be in charge of what they eat. The family will be relaxed, and afterwards, you can enjoy the district with some shopping or sightseeing. A week-end brunch at a restaurant is a nice treat for your family. Public transportation routes include B, D, F, M trains or the M1 through M5 bus routes. Schedules may vary, however, times are regular and reliable. When you are visiting Rockefeller Center and district, take advantage of Saturday and Sunday transportation routes and enjoy an original experience and exceptional meal.



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