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Situated 406 miles at the North of Los Angeles, San Francisco is a city turned towards the sea. SF is very different of the other American cities because of its incredible ethnic and cultural diversity.

Nicknamed Everybody's Favorite City, the metropolis is one of the most beautiful cities in the world; thanks to its particular balance between Victorian houses and buildings.

Its other nickname, Fog City, is legitimate: fog invades San Francisco during the summer.

As famous as the city, the Golden Gate Bridge is the work of the architect Joseph Strauss.

In San Francisco, there are also a lot of restaurants and brunches. On the weekend or during the week, it is very pleasant to brunch in this beautiful metropolis. Sunday is the perfect day to brunch, but you can also brunch on Saturday! To help you choose a restaurant, we have made a list of the best brunches of San Francisco : this is our top!



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