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It is always fun in Times Square. This iconic New York City district is home to Madame Tussaud's, the Times Tower which holds the New Year's Eve Times ball made of Waterford crystal, The Environmentally Friendly Billboard and many street performers and souvenir stands. Assorted local restaurants offer appetising week-end brunch menus for the family with cheaper choices for children. A Sunday or Saturday special in combination with some sightseeing and scouting for new experiences makes an original memory for everyone. A long and relaxing meal can be just what you need after a hectic week. When it is time for a break from the ordinary, try a journey to Times Square and a nice meal out. You can get to Times Square via the main bus lines include the Hop on and Hop off Red Line with cheap rates for the family and many chances to stretch your legs while touring through New York and Times Square. You can also take the M1, M5, M12, M20 and M42. Times Square is an area which is easy to walk around in and you will find many restaurants and attractions close together for your convenience on a Saturday or Sunday outing to your brunch buffet restaurant. Choosing a restaurant to enjoy your week-end brunch buffet may be tougher than you think. With American Diner, French Bistro, contemporary and original New York cuisine alongside Italian, Mediterranean, Southern food and more there is a virtual cornucopia of cheap choices waiting for you and your children when you go out on a Saturday or Sunday.



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