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The Upper West Side is a neighbourhood between West 59th Street and West 110th Street, and between the Hudson River and Central Park. The Upper West Side is a rich area with high property values, and is a popular cultural and intellectual hub. The area is home to the American Museum of Natural History, one of the world’s premier museums. The Upper West Side is in possession of a lively restaurant scene – if you’re looking for a spot of brunch, a buffet, or a family friendly restaurant to while away a weekend morning, this is the perfect neighbourhood to find what you’re looking for. The best places to go looking for a bite to eat would be Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue between 67th Street and 110th Street. Both avenues are lined with restaurants, bars, and sidewalk cafés, ideal for a brunch on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Many of the restaurants offer facilities for children, and you might luck upon a cheap brunch buffet that hits exactly the right spot. The Upper West Side is also a centre of historic interest, with a number of monuments and truly impressive buildings scattered around. The Firemen’s Memorial was erected in 1913, and is often the site of gatherings and memorials – a large spontaneous display of teddy bears and flowers on 9/11 being one example. In Riverside Drive, the Joan of Arc Monument watches over the street. The Upper West Side may not be the most walkable of neighbourhoods, but the effort is most certainly worth it, between the hole-in-the-wall restaurants only locals and pedestrians ever find, the tucked-away monuments, and the general beauty of the neighbourhood.



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