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1235 Coast Blvd

CA92037 San Diego


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- /10

Description by the editorial board

The “Coat Toast”, if you had to sum up Brockton’s brunch in two words, these would be it. Of course this toast is not the only good thing in the menu. But a lot of customers say it is to die for. The location is also very nice. You eat facing the beautiful sea of San Diego.

The menu is simple. First you have the classics including the famous coat toast and other meals like pancakes, tacos or burritos. Then come the “tastings” with smoked salmon, fresh fruits or berry parfait. A wide selection of eggs also exists with Benedicts, steamers and omelets. These meals can be completed with various sides like crab cake or breakfast potatoes.  

This place is perfect to brunch in family before a nice day at the beach !